• Norwegian: båndfisker


The lamprids are generally pelagic, oceanic, deep-sea species, usually occurring on depths between 100 and 1000 meters. Many of them are brightly colored and have colorful, sometimes very long, dorsal rays. The body form is very variable, some are shaped like long ribbons, others more like circular disks.


The order Lampriformes includes only 23 species worldwide, organized in the following families:

  • Opahs (family Lampridae)
  • Oarfish (family Regalecidae)
  • Ribbonfish (family Trachipteridae)
  • Crestfish (family Lophotidae)
  • Tapertails (family Radiicephalidae)
  • Thread-tail (family Stylephoridae)
  • Velifers (family Veliferidae)