This website is a result of many years of photography while scuba diving the coast of Norway. The purpose is to present a glimpse of the wide range of creatures living in Norwegian waters. As the images are taken in situ, during scuba diving, the depth range and choice of locations are limited by my scuba diving education and experience. I am not a professional photographer, scuba diver or biologist. Hence, I rely heavily on my references and a some excellent resources on the net when presenting facts about each species. Please enjoy!

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Images should not be copied without explicit permission from me, Kåre Telnes - the sole photographer of every image on this website.

Use of images:

Free use of the images will usually be granted in cases where all the following requirements are met:

  • the project is noncommercial, i.e. the images are not sold or used to promote any product sold to third party.
  • the project is related to nature conservation or protection, education or research.
  • the image quality published on is sufficient.

Whenever an image from this website is published, a reference to this website and the name of the photographer (Kåre Telnes) shall be included. High resolution images can be provided on requests from publishers or others prepared to pay a fee.

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